I was recently asked to write something for an online publication to do with new years resolutions and how to look at them in a way which are less self punishing. Here I share my response with you in hope you can take some self care stepping in to the year ahead. The new year is a time often associated with “good” intentions, making a “new” start and generally motivational change. I think reflection is important but without the self punishment. I think we are quick to put ourselves down about the years we have had or the decisions we have made and decide to make bold decisions about the changes we shall implement come January. I am interested in[…]

We as humans are quick to make judgements from what we experience in our outer worlds, what we see and therefore perceive to be real. This can be a quick way to put answers to things. It does not allow however for what exists in a person’s inner world, their feelings, thoughts, desires, worries, dreams, inner voices. This was broken down to me as the ‘external world’ being the things we believe to be real because we see them and the ‘internal world’ being the things we know to be real because we feel them. I am drawn the think about the way we use the word “fine” in english as a way to deflect from feeling. In the face of[…]

From the very first stages of our development, we become dependent upon the reassuring sound and rhythm of our mother’s heart beat. In the womb it is that constant rhythm that intrinsically communicates safety, belonging and life as we know it. In listening to music, we are given a form and structure through melody and rhythm in which to listen, therefore providing a boundary or container for the listener. For many of us, music provides a back drop to our lives, from infancy to adulthood. It becomes a constant, a way of bringing order to chaos. Throughout the history of human existence we have created music. It has been part of our survival, our celebration and our mourning. Some of[…]

While studying to be an integrative counsellor, we used the arts as our tools. Both in my own therapy as well as in my training, I relied on, music, paint, writing, play as ways of communicating. This allowed the therapeutic experience to be as feeling led as possible and as present as possible. It is easy to talk from a past stand point but when confronted with a piece of clay, it is the marks of that moment that are present, that can say so much. Throughout my training, I became more reliant on physical/body led practices in my own time. I took up running, joined the gym and became reliant on a regular yoga practice. I craved a  physical[…]

In my life I have often been challenged by my own creativity. Both what it is and how to achieve it. There has been some confusion between ‘artistic’ and ‘creative’ and during my four years at art school, I began to lose joy in creating the work I was producing. At the time, I couldn’t put words to this disconnection but felt heart wrenchingly sad when a tutor would criticise a piece I was working on, or told me it was no good. It felt direct and piercing. After I left I never picked up my camera again or looked at something the way I did over those four years. I felt trampled on. How could my own process be judged in[…]